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I believe in channelling my creative gifts to produce unique content in multiple platforms; from the stages of theatre, to film, television, the web, and podcasting. My goals are simple; I want to inspire, validate, and give voice to women for equal representation across the media spectrum. The inspiration for my work is the desire to showcase the dynamic brilliance of women in all their diversity regardless of age, gender preference and orientation, or ethnicity. What I create is born out of a combination of my education, training, and personal experience which allows my perspective as an artist to create content that is impactful and powerful.



I created The Happy Pill Podcast to openly discuss experiencing the effects of abuse and depression and how to heal them while finding life to be the Happy Pill. I will share my personal story and healing journey because I want to change the negative stigma surrounding depression. I want to offer my listeners hope, inspiration, and validation that they are not alone in their journey and that there are resources available. In each episode, I'm going to share valuable tools and techniques from my personal life and those of my interviewed guests. If you're ready to take hold of your life, find purpose and joy, or want to hear some great advice, then this podcast is for you!

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