• Ursula Jordaan

Ep. 11 - All The Feels - Part I

All The Feels is going to be an ongoing series about the true feelings of depression and how it can impact someone's life. What does it feel like to live with this condition every day?

Recently I've been triggered a second time with severe PTSD related symptoms, and this time I've taken charge of my health. I've received doctor-approved time away to get to the deeply rooted issues that have triggered me once again. It's through this time that I've gained greater clarity into all these emotions and how to manage them better so that I can build a healthier life for myself. The first and foremost healing benefit has been rest. As someone who has suffered severe insomnia, this has been a vital healing tool.

I want to share with you what I've been experiencing because I feel clarity can help us all in achieving a healthier and happier life and I'm going back to the beginning of my story. I'm going to talk about the feelings of terror. Terror was how my depression started. I'm going to explain what this emotion has felt like and how I've been managing it.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

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