• Ursula Jordaan

Ep. 10 Special Guest - TRACY LOEPKKY Part II of II

It is a great privilege for me to share Part II of my series with Tracy Loeppky! This episode was so informational and fun that I'm excited to share with you all the magical spiritual gifts that Tracy offers.

As you recall from the previous episode, Tracy is an actor, author, activist, spiritual intuitive, reiki master and a spiritual medium! PLUS - tarot card reading and spiritual home cleansing. 😂 To say that she is gifted is an understatement!

Tracy goes into greater detail about what her healing sessions entail, how she keeps her clients safe, what processes she goes through, and how these gifts can help heal someone on their journey.

If you want to book and appointment with Tracy or find out more information about her and her techniques, click here to contact her on Facebook. She can also be found on Instagram by clicking here

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