• Ursula Jordaan

Ep. 12 - All The Feels - Part II

The feeling of unworthiness is one of the deepest and most challenging emotions when it comes to depression. At times it can be overwhelming where someone feels utterly hopeless, and at other times, it's a lingering presence feels like a comfortable friend. For me, it became a constant companion because I did not know any differently.

Unworthiness centres in isolation when we compare or are being compared to others. As children, we only know and understand what our family taught us, and we believe this to the truth. But the real factor is, this is not an accurate representation of our reality; meaning, we are more than what we were taught and have experienced.

In today's society, we are bombarded with what is considered "normal and acceptable" as far as appearances, lifestyles, orientations or anything that makes us different compared to someone else. But unworthiness is a deeply rooted emotion and as far as I'm concerned, is riddled with lies. It's not about what someone else thinks or says about us, but how we truly feel about ourselves.

Our families do the best they can with what they know but to discover our true worth and value, that becomes our responsibility as individuals. We must carve a path that's divinely intended for all of us and one that feels right to us, and only us.

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