• Ursula Jordaan

Ep. 15 - Special Guest - HAYLEY GISLASON

How apropos that today is National Coming Out Day! This episode was a real treat for me to do. When I met Hayley Gislason, I was inspired by her incredible enthusiasm to talk about the truth of what needs to shift in our society - most notably the idea around patriarchy.

Hayley openly expresses her advocacy around the importance of shifting our mindset towards equality while giving a strong voice to women who have been silenced because of sexual violence. Hayley share's her journey around patriarchy and how that exposure led her to find her relationships shifting from men to women. 

An openly proud lesbian, Hayley brims with confidence in her life choices. What is most engaging about this journey is how Hayley imposes it creatively in her first graphic novel called, The Demons of Angels. A thrilling tale about an openly queer female vigilante who prowls the nights to protect women from would be male assailants.

It is my pleasure to share with you this interview of this strong and beautiful young woman who is demanding significant changes in our society. To purchase a copy (either digital or paperback) of Hayley's book, please click here.

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