• Ursula Jordaan

Ep. 17 - Surviving The Holidays

Hello, my friends! Welcome back. Santa has a message for you at the end of the episode!

This short episode was created to share some insights into how people with anxiety and depression can take care of yourself during the holiday season!

It's not always easy to go through the holidays when you're dealing with depression. There are tremendous amounts of pressure placed on people who feel compelled to shop and purchase presents, to holiday parties, to family traditions and demands. But, taking stock of yourself and your surroundings can make the holidays a little bit easier by reminding yourself of a few things. I've listed 26 items - quite simply I may add, that will hopefully give you some peace of mind.

Click here to see the original post if you'd like; however, if you are not a Facebook member of the 21 Day Oprah_Deepak Meditation Challenge, you may not see this list.

Enjoy the holidays! 🎄❤️🎅

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