• Ursula Jordaan

Ep. 18 - All The Feels Part IV

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Today I'm going to be talking about the Emotional Flashback that Pete Walker talks about in his book, "Complex PTSD - From Surviving To Thriving." If you want to look more into his book please go into my RESOUCES page and click on the slide show to find out more.

I will share two definitions of CPTSD while also giving some symptoms that you may find valuable, but most importantly, I want to share the most recent Emotional Flashback that I experienced in late November 2019. What happened to me to experience another flashback, how did it make me feel, what happened to my body, etc. And lastly, I'm talking about a Rage Room! Don't know what it is, check it out here.

I will also include Pete Walkers' 13 step guide to managing flashbacks on my RESOURCES page.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

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