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Ep. 24 - Special Guest - Pam Purnell Part I

Welcome back, friends!

I'm so thrilled to have Pam Purnell on the show! Pam has a very interesting and lengthy healing journey that began at a young age. Due to childhood illness, Pam was placed on antibiotics for health issues but these antibiotics, in turn, had compromised Pam's immunity. So when Pam contracted Mono in her teens, her body was unable to cope with the illness due to her compromised immunity.

Over the next decade, one of Pam's symptoms was exhaustion. As Pam describes it, she basically "crashed" after any event or at the end of the day. After countless medical misdiagnosis, Pam took her health into her own hands and discovered Functional Medicine. More of this in Part II of this series. What Pam discovered out of all her testing was that she had Lyme Disease and mould issues.

During this interview, Pam offers some wonderful websites where you can do more research into your health concerns and see if Functional Medicine is something for you.

Pam talks about a web site called: Mytavin.com where you can type in your medication and see the nutrients depleted in your body from the medication you take.

To follow Pam's journey and discover more of her work, you can click onto her web site here: Healing Tree Alchemy.

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