• Ursula Jordaan

Ep. 27 - The Great Pause

Helloooooooo friends!! It's been a while, but what an important time for me to dig deeper into myself when the whole world was forced to self-isolate, and this is what I wanted to talk about in this episode. It's also the opportunity to begin a new season! So, in all of my gratitude, thank you for your patience.

As the world has been shaken by the coronavirus, we have all felt the impact of what it has stirred. Significant lives lost, the economy crashes, lost jobs, and a higher rate of depression, anxiety, and panic, but as the world begins to re-open, this virus has not yet ebbed and we must be diligent in our care for ourselves and others.

While isolating may be a challenge, I've also seen this time become a greater wake-up call to do self-healing. Dig deep into the emotions and behavioural patterns that no longer serve me. So instead of wadding through the heavy emotions of this challenging time, I've also looked at it as an opportunity to change what no longer works.

My question is friends, have you noticed this as well? What changes have you been making that we are now forced to look into? Have you seen this as a damaging time or a gifted opportunity? Let's look into it.

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