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Ep. 28 Special Guest: NICOLE PEMBERTON - Part I

Welcome to, The Conversations!

Hello friends, I'm excited to bring you to this new series where I will be talking with our beautiful sisters and brothers of colour who will share their stories, processes, experiences, and wisdom of living in a suppressed society. It is time for us to wake up and LISTEN and do what is necessary for positive, healthy and sustainable change in our world in regard to how we treat People Of Colour.

I need to listen, and I need to be a better listener!! I can now see and understand (more each day) how I have been privileged as a white person living in a predominantly white accepted world, and this can no longer be accepted. I have been blinded by my own privilege that I didn't recognize the damage I was causing; but I do now, and because I want to learn and grow and be a better ally, I thought that this platform would be a wonderful way for me to educate myself and others who want to be part of the Change!

Today, I am thrilled to have my first guest in this series, Nicole Pemberton! Nicole is a visionary artist, dancer, speaker, advocate and the creatrix of The Goddess Moves! To find out more, check out her site here.

Please join me in actively listening to the wisdom that Nicole offers!

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