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Ep. 6 - Special Guest - MELANIE HAGGERT! Part I of II

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

I am thrilled to announce my first guest today, Melanie Haggert! Melanie is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor (TMCD) and a Registered Acupuncturist & Registered Massage Therapist (RAc/RMT).

Melanie graces the show by sharing her profound story of experiencing severe anxiety and bullying at the hands of her older brother while growing up in a small farm town in Southern Alberta. Challenged by years in this unhealthy environment - without any support from her family who was known to keep emotions hidden, Melanie's pinnacle breakdown moment forced her to look deep into her anxiety and discover it's root cause if she was ever going to surpass the limitations it placed on her life.

She bravely shares her experiences while explaining what techniques she used to help her overcome this condition. This episode is Part I of a two-part series. In the second part, Melanie will discuss more closely how Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Sound Vibration Therapy are beneficial in healing the conditions of anxiety, abuse, PTSD, depression and other ailments within the body-mind system.

To find Melanie Haggert and her TCM practice, Auspicious Phoenix Acupuncture in Calgary, Alberta, please click here.

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